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Palm Fatty Acid

Palm Fatty Acid
Palm Fatty Acid
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Product Code : palm oil sludge
Product Description
Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) is made from refining crude palm oil. It is used for many industries such as soap industries, animal food industries and also is used as raw materials for bio-diesel and chemical industries. When extracted, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) produces Vitamin E which has large purposes in many fields, especially health. Chromatographic separation process of vitamin E adsorption gives a better control.

Saponifiable Matter :  95% min. (basic 97%)

M&I:  1.0% max.

FFA (As Palmitic):  70% min.

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147)    Nitrile Gloves, Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Leather Gloves

Material    100% nitrile polymer
Specification    3.0g,3.5g,4.0g,4.5g,5.0g,5.5g,6.0g,6.5g,7.0g,7.5g...
Logo    printing on the package
Feature    environmental, good feeling,solid and durable
Application    nitrile examination gloves widely used in electronics, food, medicine, circuit boards, photoelectric LED, clean room, anti-static and other related industries.

Packing: 100pcs/box ,10boxes/carton for nitrile examination gloves

We Offer other types of GLoves upon request

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148)    Pallets, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets, etc.

We Offer Various types o fPallets. Plastic and Wood.
    Description    Plastic  pallet
    Material    HDPE
    Size    1200x1000x150mm
    Weight    13.2kg
    Entry  Way    4  Way
        Colour: Variety

Product name     Wooden pallet, wood pallet
Size    1200*800mm, 1200*1000mm, can be customed.
Material     wood
Fumigation:    Yes
Print:    Fumigation with IPPC

Contact us if you need pallet! No matter wood, paper, plastic or metal pallets!

We always provide pallets at most competitve price and quality!

149)    Sausage Casing, Collagen casing, Edible casing, Hog casing

Length:89 cm,90 cm,92 cm, etc. Or upon demande.
Color: Transparent, white, cream white, pinked whit

Length:89 cm,90 cm,92 cm, etc. Or upon demande.
Color: Transparent, white, cream white, pinked white, light-pink,
Light- yellow
Our natural sausage casings, natural casings, sausage casings, edible casings, salted hog casings, Sheep Casings, Goat Casing, etc:
Production process: Rinsing, scraping, selection, measuring, salting,(tubing), packing, refrigeratory.
36/38,38/40,40/42,42/44,44+ 16/18,18/20,
Packing: Hanks, soft plastic tubes, hard plastic tubes,
Plastic casks, or upon demande.
Other products: Hog bladders, hog chitterings, fatends, stomachs, etc.

We Offer Variosu Types of Casing
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Ors Vezer Utca 3. 2370 Dabas, Dabas Pest, Hungary
Phone :36- -203411084
Mr. Antol Victor (Sales Manager)
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